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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Lyng, Sharon Ann   Teacher
Paliotti, Laura   Attendant
Rannie, Carolyn   Teacher
Wlasenko, Angela   Re-Education Counsellor
Marchitello, Tania  Administration Principal
Giraudon, Véronique  French Teacher FSL Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 4
Ste. Marie, Maude  French Teacher Grade 4 Homeroom, FSL Grade 3 and 4
Laporte, Katherine  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Di Sano, Giancarlo  Phys. Ed. Teacher Gr. 2-Gr. 6
Rashidan, Kia  Professional Speech Lang. Pathologist Mondays and Thursdays
Smith-Debbane, Cheryl  Professional Spiritual Animator Supports Various Elementary Schools
Khan, Binish  Resource Teacher Resource Support Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 4
Spector-Freedman, Jackie  Resource Teacher English and Math-Cycle 2 and 3
Shields, Robert  Science Teacher Grade 5 Homeroom-Math, ERC, GHC, Science Cycle 2; Science Cycle 3
Foerster, Tanya  Student Support Attendant
L'Heureux, Pascale  Student Support Behaviour Technician Behaviour Technician and Attendant
Mckenna, Darlene  Student Support Attendant
Dionne, Jean-Marie  Support Janitor Day Caretaker
Kalivrousis, Debbie  Support Attendant Attendant Grade 2 and Grade 4
Sklivas, Carmelina  Support Attendant
Boulos, Nadine  Teacher Teacher FSL-Kindergarten and Grade 3;Arts Plas./Arts Dram. Grade 3 and Grade 4
Walbert, Cynthia  Technician Daycare Daycare Coordinator
Eleftheriou, Nicole  Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 2 homeroom teacher ELA and Math; ELA Grade 4
Jacques, Susan  Cycle 1 Teacher Kindergarten Homeroom;GHC grade 6
Patel, Reshma  Cycle 1 Teacher
Greaves, Vicki  Cycle 2 Teacher
Iadeluca, Anna  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3 Homeroom, ELA, Math, GHC and Science Grade 3
Malone, Sandy  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4 Homeroom-ELA, Math, Science, GHC
Met, Natalie  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3 Homeroom-English, Math, ERC and Grade 4 ELA
Briglio, Silvana  Cycle 3 Teacher FSL Grade 5, 5/6, 6 Homeroom Grade 5
Kamfouras, Cathy  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6 Homeroom-Math in Grade 5 and Grade 6; ERC and GHC Grade 6;
Okpro, Carol-Ann  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6 Homeroom-English, Math, ERC Grade 6 and ELA Grade 5
Neill, Christina  Elementary Teacher
Charto, Vicki  Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten and ERC Grade 1
Luceno, Esther  Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten Homeroom, ERC Grade 1