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SEAC & Parents' Committees

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Parents' Committee

What is Parents’ Committee?

The Parents' Committee is an advisory group to the School Board. Each school within the board's territory has a representative on the committee chosen from among the parent members sitting on each Governing Board.

The Parents' Committee represents your interests at the school board. It is consulted on certain matters by law. It functions as a tool for dissemination of information, is the liaison with your Governing Board, and provides input when consulted on policy matters.

How do I get an issue of concern to me as a parent on the agenda of Parents' Committee?

Your contact point is the parent representative to Parents' Committee who sits on the Governing Board of the school. S/he can ask the chair of Parents' Committee that your item be placed on the agenda.

Who is my Parents’ Committee Representative?

For the 2015-2016 school year, Damiano Ferraro is the representative for JFK Elementary. You can contact him by calling the school and leaving a message (450-686-6292) or by e-mail:

Can I go to the meetings?

Meetings are open to the public. If you wish to speak at/to Parents' Committee your item would have to be put on the agenda in the Public Question Period. Inform the chair of Parents' Committee before the meeting.

How do I become a parent representative to Parents' Committee?

The first step is to be elected as a parent member of our school's Governing Board. Parent members are elected at our general assembly, called before the end of September. Once elected, you can be elected or appointed by the same general assembly as the representative to Parents' Committee.

What is the time commitment if I become a representative?

Beyond the regular meetings of your Governing Board, there are monthly meetings of the Parents' Committee, usually 8 in a school year. As well, you must consider the time it takes to create, write and give reports to your Governing Board and to Parents' Committee.