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Welcome 2017-2018 [B5369:2017-08-16]
2017-2018 Calendar [B5368:2017-08-16]
GRADE 1 [B5366:2017-08-16]
GRADE 2 [B5365:2017-08-16]
GRADE 3 [B5364:2017-08-16]
GRADE 4 [B5363:2017-08-16]
GRADE 5 [B5362:2017-08-16]
GRADE 6 [B5361:2017-08-16]
KINDERGARTEN [B5367:2017-08-16]
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500 Cardinal, Chomedey, Laval, QC, H7V 1T5
Tel. 450 686-6292
Principal: Tania Marchitello  


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Thank you to the Chomedey Caisse for supporting our Good Citizen Project.
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